Chipmunks – Fighters – Lupe Fiasco
Mai 18, 2008, 9:48 pm
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YouTube Direktlink / Alvin and the Chipmunks – Fighters – Lupe Fiasco

….das Original hab ich schon x-mal gehört, daher die Chipmunks.

When the fighters all around. All the lovers are on the ground. No one will save you anymore. So whats happenin. Whachu rappin about. Lets see boy. Is it cars. Is it girls. Is it money. The world ?

Or is it somethin they could never believe. Or is it somethin you could never acheive. Is it beyond your means. Is it inside your dreams. Can it never come out, cuz its scared to, unprepared to. To worry about the words of the people is weird too. You dont want em to hear you. You just wish it was a door that would appear that you can go disappear through. Well im feelin your pain. I was feelin the same. But I said id never feel that again.


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